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Welcome to Saarang 2013
Thank you for making Saarang 2013 a Grand Success!
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  • Saarang presents Saarang 'Eunoia', an umbrella for all of Saarang's various social cause activities. This is Saarang's newest initiative, doing our bit to give back and make a difference to the lives of the less fortunate.

    Saarang 'Eunoia' takes Saarang's social cause events farther than ever. Under this are associations with Smile Foundation, Make A Difference, Milaap, Saarang Big Plan, and Saarang 'Building Dreams'. Saarang 'Eunoia' is championing the causes of better nutrition, literacy, expression, and rural development.

    'Saarang has lately become largely commercial'. We need to get it back to its roots! Through Eunoia, we aim to be socially inclusive - of every strata of society, and for the benefit those who have been, sadly, excluded. We are looking for an impact across all walks of life. Saarang is one body, and may not have a very large impact on its own, but for the belief of empowerment. We are trying to set an example, be the first ones to start a norm in a country where there isn't generally much care shown for society.



    Saarang supports Smile Foundation in providing nutrition 100 underprivileged children.

    Smile Foundation and Saarang presents Nutrition for better literacy. This is a social campaign to support the underprivileged with proper nutrition. As you might know mal-nutrition is one of the biggest issues faced by our society. This is an initiative taken up Smile Foundation along Saarang - IIT Madras towards this cause.

    The Campaign

    Smile Foundation and Saarang strongly believes that good nutrition leads to better literacy.

    A nutritious meal is an incentive not to miss school for these children and we all will agree that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. It takes INR 1560 to promise a nutritious meal to a child for a year. The campaign primarily focuses on improving the quality of nutrition of the underprivileged children. Students of IIT Madras have volunteered to help raise the resources for the campaign. We wish to spread more smiles by feeding a nutritious meal to more than 100 children through this campaign.

    About Smile Foundation

    Smile Foundation is a national level development organization that benefits 200,000 underprivileged children and youth directly, across 22 states in India through 185 development projects in subjects like education, healthcare, livelihood and girl child empowerment. Following the principles of Good Governance, Smile Foundation works on its innovative model of Social Venture Philanthropy.


    This year Saarang's association with MAD is themed around Hope For Change. The first campaign that will kickstart during Saarang is the MAD dabba project. This is a sustainability initiative in which the waste paper generated during Saarang will be collected efficiently and recycled. Apart from this, there will be a Mosaic of hope, a Limca record breaking mosaic on which messages of hope will be stuck in the form of post-its by the visitors of Saarang'13. Saarang will be donating a sum of money to MAD, which will be used to fund MAD's numerous projects in helping underprivileged kids get access to quality education and a better future.

    MAD is a non-profit organization, that works with underprivileged kids in orphanages and shelter homes across the country. It was started in 2006 by 6 college students in Cochin and today it has grown to 1500 active, volunteers across 23 cities in India. MAD is committed to providing quality education to over 4500 children.


    Saarang is happy to join hands with Milaap.org to bring education and training to our underprivileged youth. The appeal is to the philanthropist in everybody to contribute to the welfare of deserving youngsters who are the future of this country by giving out a loan which will be repaid to them in about 18 months. As little as Rs. 200, it will go a long way in securing the future of a youngster. Remember, 100% of your money comes back to you - so be generous! Milaap is an online platform that enables people around the world to give a loan to the working poor in India. Based in Bangalore, India, with its headquarters in Singapore, Milaap's loans give people access to basic needs like clean drinking water, sanitation and renewable energy, as well as skills development via vocational training which leads to jobs with steady income.

    For further information visit our fund raiser page: http://fundraiser.milaap.org/campaigns/saarang

    About Milaap: Milaap is a social enterprise that enables people around the world to give a loan to the working poor in India. Milaap is the world's first online micro lending platform that enabled non-Indians and non-resident Indians to make loans to India. Milaap's loans give people access to basic needs like clean drinking water, sanitation and renewable energy, as well as skills development via vocational training which leads to jobs with steady income.

    By sourcing funds from individuals all over the world, Milaap has been able to eliminate the need for their partners MFIs to borrow from banks. Thus, the end-borrowers get to avail low-cost loans.


    Every year Saarang has taken up a lot of social awareness programmes so as to help improve the society. This year as a part of Saarang 'Eunoia' we are championing the causes of better nutrition, literacy, expression, and rural development by associating with NGO's such as Smile Foundation, MAD, Milaap and AID India.

    As an epilogue to all the social initiatives taken up by Saarang, this year members of Saarang are supporting the 'Dawn to Dusk' Run. The 'Dawn to Dusk - 2013' is to be held on Sunday, 13th January, 2013. Neville J Bilimoria has come forward to raise funds through this 12 hour event. All the funds raised by Saarang from this would be donated to Smile Foundation supporting the cause 'Nutrition for better Literacy'.

    For further information on the run please visit nevilleendeavours.com


    Building Dreams:

    'Building Dreams' is an initiative taken up by Saarang and Eureka Child which seeks to reach out to as many kids as possible, and inspire them to dream for not just a better future but a rewarding one at that. The initiative saw Saarang send mentors from IIT Madras's official cultural clubs to two Eureka Child (An AID INIDA initiative) centres to teach underprivileged children Speaking Skills, Dramatics, and Western Music for three hours (3 pm to 6 pm) each on consecutive Saturdays - 27th October and 3rd November. A huge success, both mentors and mentees alike were reluctant to take leave. Pictures were taken, and a load of thanks expressed on each side, with the mentors taking away feelings of awe for their young friends, who were so positive and full of life, energy and dreams.

    Founded in 1996 by a team of IIT and BITS alumni, Eureka Child empowers local communities through projects in the fields of education, health, and livelihood. Its flagship project - Eureka SuperKidz, is currently active in 1,000 villages across Tamil Nadu, making a positive difference to the lives of over 60,000 families through the quality education children receive and the employment generated locally.

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